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in new york city. new york subways are providing limited service today and drivers trying to get into the city faced gridlock. cbs reporter vinita nair is in lower manhattan tonight. >> reporter: i'm here in lower manhattan standing in front of one of the many tunnels that remain flooded here in new york city. new yorkers are facing headaches when it comes to mass transit as well as power outages. con ed says it could be until november 11 before all the lights are turned back on across the city. in terms of mass transit, there have certainly been creative solutions. when it comes to the major routes bringing you into the city, the city is requesting that no driver arrive in a car with fewer than three people the way they are solving this problem if you get to a checkpoint and it is you alone, you're basically asked to take two more people into the car with you, strangers who you may or may not know. new yorkers are taking it in stride. they are doing the best they can but keep in mind, it is a long way until we are back to full strength. reporting in lower manhattan, vinita nair.
sandy battered the city. more than a million homes in new york and new jersey remain without power. temperatures dropped into the 30s overnight and a nor'easter is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to the area on wednesday. the hardest hit neighborhoods in staten island are trying to prepare for the worst while they begin to clean up. i'm standing on the foundations of a home that was picked up by the storm and swept away. it landed about a half mile from here. the structure behind me is the second floor of another neighbor's home. you had a pool, right? >> yes, in ground pool. >> reporter: pedro escaped the storm using a neighbor's roof as a liferaft. you floated out of here on your neighbor's roof with your brother? >> i told them, we're safe. we're going to float out of here and be all right. >> reporter: as many as 40,000 new york city residents were left homeless by the storm. schools reopened today. city council speaker christine quinn helped serve breakfast at one public school. >> it's a big problem, a significant number of schools don't have heat. >> reporter: i
.com/consumerwatch. >> will do. thank you. have a good weekend. >>> gas rationing went into effect today in parts of new york city hit hard by the storm. cars were odd numbers license plates they got to fill up today because it's 9th. tomorrow even numbers get their turn. the gas crunch has caused prices to jump 20 cents a gallon. >>> widespread destruction from superstorm sandy will likely make this the largest relief effort for the red cross since hurricane katrina. so far the red cross has raised $117 million in donations for sandy relief. the west coast definitely stepped up to help the east coast. we want to thank you. with your help, we were able to raise nearly $180,000 for the red cross hurricane sandy relief fund during yesterday's telethon. and you can still make a donation by visiting our website, and clicking on the red cross link. >> it was fun working on that answering the phones. >> it was so neat to talk to people. it's amazing how generous people were. >> they really turned out. thanks. >>> all right. they are warriors with wounds you can't see veterans of iraq and afghanistan suff
harrison now share another bond. >> i'm using my lungs to run from new york city to san francisco. >> reporter: the 24-year-old harvard grad is spreading a simple message. anyone can get lung cancer. even nonsmokers like jill. >> the reason that i'm doing this is for jill and so i have that drive and i think she is watching out for us and making sure we make it to the end safely. >> reporter: kelsey took off from times square on july 30th and has spent four months on the road. >> go, giants! > >> reporter: at the wheel, sydney ford who road crew with jill at cal. >> that's probably what i miss the most having that person to go with you saying you can do this. >> reporter: when jill lost her hair to chemo sydney was by her side. >> if you are losing your hair how about i cut off 8" of mine and we do it together. >> reporter: now sydney is here cheering kelsey on. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: it's another day -- >> all right. friend. >> reporter: on another road with another 30 miles to go. each step brings her closer to her goal and closer to home. >> i have had faith in you f
to find this -- devastation. they will end gas rationing tomorrow morning. in new york and many in long island still in the dark. more than 70,000 people still without power. the governor plans to request at least $30 billion in federal disaster aid to rebuild. >>> italy's historic city of venice is under water. flooding is common -- is common in venice this time of year and the high tide mark has been brought to the sixth highest level in 150 years. >>> elizabeth is in for paul today. >> in the morning show, the evening show. we do it all around here. >> did it feel cooler to you today? >> it was just cold. >> we at least saw plenty of sunshine around the bay area. so turned out to be a nice, fall day. temperatures were on the cooler side of average. from 3-5 degrees cooler. these are temperatures out the door right now. we're still seeing 50s. santa rosa coming in at 61. oakland and cob cord in the mid to -- concord in the mid to upper 50s. partly cloudy skies and a lot of 40-degree readings out there. 48 across the bay. low to mid-40s around the coast and similar story inland. so by
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5